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Breakfast and Bubbles Entally House Tas.

Entally House are holding a Breakfast and Bubbly morning on the 4th Dec. $20pp. all inclusive as well as music, starts at 7.30am with full breakfast, all profits go to charity.

Work Place Safety New Legislation Breakfast

WorkCover Tasmania is holding a Breakfast on Friday 2nd December 2011 to discuss changes to the Legislation for 2011. It should be very informative and I will post any relevent information within a couple of days after the Breakfast. Bram (President)

Good Facebook site.

Came across this facebook site recently well worth a look “Vinodiversity” it mainly covers a broad range of non mainstream wines.

Vineyards gearing up for vintage 2012

Vineyards all over Australia are starting to gear up for vintage, there is starting to be an influx of new positions becoming available, it is good that they are not leaving it until the last moment. It will give many good workers the opportunity of planning for who and where they want to work. We have been placing new positions for various proactive vineyards for […]

Grown Men In Pink Gloves

FORMER casual vineyard worker Philip Ridyard is seeking contributions for a book and potential film screenplay he is writing about events during picking and pruning. The work, to be called ‘Grown Men in Pink Gloves’, is derived from his observations while working in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley in 2005 and features a local and international cast of full-time and casual colleagues. “Just watching people turning up […]

Award Breaches

Vineyards are blatantly disregarding the national Wine Industry Award 2010, especially the section dealing with working in wet weather. Section 23.6 (Disability Allowance Wet Work Award) clearly states the following: “An employee who on any day works in a wet place must be paid 22.6% of the standard hourly rate of pay on top, unless provided with adequate protective clothing.” A wet place is a […]