Grown Men In Pink Gloves

FORMER casual vineyard worker Philip Ridyard is seeking contributions for a book and potential film screenplay he is writing about events during picking and pruning.

The work, to be called ‘Grown Men in Pink Gloves’, is derived from his observations while working in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley in 2005 and features a local and international cast of full-time and casual colleagues.

“Just watching people turning up on the first morning of picking convinced me there were innumerable characters involved in the viticulture industry and from all over the world,” Philip said.

“There were the old stagers – male and female – who had been doing the job for years and had a superior attitude when faced with novices; retired people, unemployed, nationalities who kept to themselves, and of course, backpackers.

“It was a myriad of personalities and the events during picking and pruning were full of fun and agony.”

Philip said he had a wealth of material but was looking for additional contributions from others.

“This is a fun book and the film a comedy. I need plenty more stories and experiences, funny and sad,” he said.

Contributions, which will be acknowledged in the book, can be sent to Philip at

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