Tasmanias first hands on Training Facility for Viticulture and Hospitality

We are currently producing our new business plan for next year for a Viticulture and Hospitality and Training Facility for Tasmania. We have a meeting next week with the shadow treasurer and crossing fingers all will go well for next year.

Government proposal to be lodged

It is very good news that we have been requested to lodge a proposal and application to the government regarding funding towards establishing Tasmanias first hands on training college for viticulture. We will get back to you shortly on this most positive step. Regards Bram (Pres.)

New Training Videos and Tutorials

Great news with the near completion of our full suite of training videos and tutorials covering most aspects of basic vineyard and winery procedures. thanks to all those involved and our new members, it is great to see our membership growing by the day. The new training section should be up and running soon and we will make a statement when it is on line. The […]

Back Pruning

I have been pruning for the past 3 weeks at Moores Hill Vineyard Tasmania. what a great team, working alongside Julian, Fiona (owners) and John (full time) . It would have to be one of the nicest working environments that I have worked in, great people and beautiful views, it has been a pleasure to become involved with them, check out their web page. Bram […]

Pruning season is with us.

Well folks its that time of the year again, may you all get some good pruning time in and most of all take care of yourselves. Pruning is one of the most physical activities involved in viticulture, remember your exercises and most of all be safe. Pruning can be a most rewarding task as what you do sets up for the next years harvest, be proud […]

Wine Master makes interesting comment.

Wine Master Winsor Dobbin, the Sunday Examiner wine writer made some interesting comments regarding grape handling, especially considering that most of the major wine brands in Tasmania are picked by mechanical harvesters, these harvesters are very rougth in the way they take the fruit from the vine. He went on to say “If you have not done the right thing in the vineyard , then […]

Update of Wine Industry Award and Guide to Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation

We will over the next week be updating the Wine Industry Award on the web site, also the guide to Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation. we apologise for the delay in updating them and would like to acknowledge Liz Young for her assistance. Have a great week work hard, be safe.  

VWAA’s New Training Room

VWAA has just set up a new Training Room for its future vineyard Training courses.

Harvest is in full Swing in Tasmania.

Many Vineyards are now using manual Labour to get the fruit off as soon as possible, with the recent rain and warm weather predicted there will be lots of picking available.

Viticulture Training in Tasmania

The VWAA is currently in talks with the State Government in regards to taking over training courses in viticulture in Tasmania,  the courses that were running have recently been cancelled. We will keep you posted on this development, as you are aware the VWAA currently runs training on line.