The Vineyard Workers Association of Australia Inc. (VWAA) is the peak, national body for workers in the Australian viticulture industry.

It is our intention to work with all involved in the industry to provide an amicable, professional and safe environment benefitting workers, employers and other stakeholders, including government. The VWAA  is not a union nor affiliated with any other body or group.

As an independent and not-for-profit organisation funded by membership, sponsorship and government grants, the VWAA  exists to represent workers already involved in viticulture across Australia and those seeking employment in this most important area of economic growth.

VWAA’s aim is to bring professionalism not just into the workforce of this most significant export industry, but also to improve the level of safe working practices in vineyard businesses across the nation.

The association will achieve this by providing specific areas of opportunity for employment with accredited vineyards.

We will also provide vital information to workers and bring professionalism to them by offering training and certified courses. The VWA will offer advice on critical workplace health and safety matters and other national legislations  relating to vineyard workers.

The VWAA  aims to become the recognised voice of all full-time, part-time, casual and seasonal workers within the industry.

Working closely with employers will benefit all parties involved in this most progressive and exciting industry.

I am convinced the association’s key objectives will create a positive future for all those involved in what is a true Australian success story. Bram